Introduction to Task A: Pilot Qualifications

In studying Task A we dive into the elements surrounding the concept question “What does a pilot have to do to obtain their pilots certificate and keep it?”

There are some main elements to focus on in this section:

  1. What do I need to obtain my license?

  2. What can I do with my license?

  3. How do I keep my medical certificate current?

  4. What do I have to do to stay current?

  5. What in the heck is Basic Med?

  6. What do I have to carry with me to be legal?

When you organize your thoughts around these questions it will help you prepare for the questions you’ll be faced with on the checkride concerning Task A. 

Normally content from this Task are some of the first questions you’re faced with on the checkride. These are the ones you want to be familiar with in detail and knock out of the ballpark as the test gets started. If you stumble here it usually brings into question your preparedness for the test. 

On the written exam, these questions use language and dates that are designed to be a little bit tricky. Don’t hastily read the question too fast without understanding what is being asked. 

For example a question may ask “With respect to the certification of aircraft, what is a category of aircraft?” The answer to this question is different than the question that has the words, “With respect to the certification of airmen…”

If you go to fast you may miss simple differences in wording. 

Remember the things you’ll be learning in this section will help keep your license safe and secure for a lifetime of future flying. Don’t disregard the things in this section and jeopardize your certificate. 

Ready to learn?

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