Basic Med (FAR 61.113)

  • BasicMed lets pilots to conduct certain operations using their U.S. driver’s license instead of a medical certificate 
  • You can use BasicMed as long as you:
    • Have held an FAA medical certificate any time after July 14, 2006
    • Have completed an approved medical education course in the preceding 24 calendar months 
    • Have received a medical examination from a state-licensed physician in the previous 48 calendar months 
  • If flying with BasicMed, the PIC:
    • Cannot carry more than six occupants
    • Cannot have a maximum certificated takeoff weight of more than 6,000 lbs. 
    • Can carry a maximum of five passengers on board 
  • No portion of the flight can be:
    • Above 18,000 ft. MSL
    • Outside the U.S.unless authorized by the country the flight is taking place in 
    • Be above an airspeed greater than 250 kt. 
  • When under BasicMed the pilot must have in their logbook records:
    • The completed medical examination checklist 
    • The medical education course completion certificate

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