Class E airspace is any controlled airspace that is not Class A, B, C, or D airspace. Except for 18,000 ft., Class E airspace has no defined vertical limit, but extends upward from either the surface of a designated altitude to the overlying or controlled airspace. Class E airspace exists at 1,200 ft. AGL unless designated otherwise.

Operating Rules and Equipment Requirements (FAR 91.127)

There are no specific pilot certification or equipment requirements to operate VFR in Class E Airspace

Class E Depiction and Symbology

As the upper limit of class E airspace is 18,000 ft., the lower limits can be defined by:

  • A shaded magenta (vignette) line indicating the bottom of E airspace at 700ft AGL.
  • A dashed magenta line indicating Class E airspace exists at the surface.
  • Anywhere else Class E airspace by default starts at 1200ft AGL.
Class E Airspace

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