Getting ready for a flight in the warrior can be a bit of leg work to do everything right. We should not be skipping is our Takeoff and Landing distance information that's required for EVERY SINGLE FLIGHT. 

So we can pour through the pages of our Flight Manual, or we can pay a large amount to Foreflight, but the best solution is just a click away. 

Use the TOLD REPORT for N41459 to get accurate information for your next flight. 

As ALWAYS, check it against the actual charts found in the aircraft. Please verify the data is correct. If the tool is sharp it will cut. Make sure this PDF is sharp. Download and Print it for your next flight!

Enter the numbers in the yellow fields to complete the calculations!


Erick Teeters is a 4th generation pilot. He soloed a glider at age 14, an airplane at 16, and has been flying as a commercial pilot since age 18. He currently holds Commercial ASEL, AMEL, and GLIDER ratings. As well as CFI, CFII, MEI, and CFI-G Ratings. He has flown corporate for over 20 years and is rated in Citation 500 and 525 series aircraft.

He has five kids, four dogs, three employees, two airplanes, and one God.

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