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At the Salinas Airport in Salinas, CA

45 Mortensen Ave
Salinas, CA 93905 


21st Century Flight Training 

A short story about us

North Aero, Inc

North Aero, Inc is located at the Salinas Airport (KSNS) and serves Monterey County with basic to advanced flight training. Our staff will work hands on with you to achieve your goals. We pride ourselves on engaging ground training and out of the box flight training methods to help you achieve your goal faster. 

At North Aero we are focused on making a flight school for the 21st Century. This means we take the good of what is tried and true and implement it in new ways to provide a better more focused training service. 

We don't do things the easy way. We challenge our students to make sure that we are creating the best pilots to fly in the 21st Century. Our curriculum and methods speak for themselves. We encourage you to come and find out why. 

we’re open from:

Mo-Fr 8am to 5pm

Sa 9am to 5pm

You need your tailwheel rating... We do that too.

The Problem

You don't have a tailwheel rating. Your feet sit on the rudder pedals like limp noodles. Your youtube account is full of back country sand bar landings in a tailwheel aircraft. 

The Solution

Getting a tailwheel rating at North Aero in the Luscombe and learning what it means to really fly the ball. Sometimes it seems like the Luscombe purposefully doesn't fly straight just to teach you a lesson.

What our customers say about flying at north aero

I have been flying with Erick for years now starting with receiving my instrument rating. Each flight with Erick increases my knowledge and flying capabilities. Erick has a wealth of information and shares his experiences good and bad with his students to learn from. I can call on him at any time to just chat or ask a question always getting an answer. If he can't answer my question he will research it and will always call back with what he has found. He has a real compassion for flying and teaching, making learning very easy and comfortable. I feel blessed finding Erick and hope to have many more years of flying with him, and consider him a great friend.

John Blatnik Instrument and advanced aircraft training

Fantastic, very professional. Erick makes safety a priority while keeping the experience fun!

Peter barone private pilot and tailwheel

Great! Erick and his team are professionals, and it shows.

PETER and HENRY BROWN Private pilot and tailwheel

I completed my Private Pilot check ride with instruction from Erick. Very thorough with ground and flight instruction. I felt confident throughout my experience. North Aero has many great resources to help student pilots who learn in various different ways. Training in the Piper Warrior was a lot of fun and I hope to continue flight training there for future ratings. 

Kassy avilez private pilot and instrument

Great experience. Friendly staff. Quality instruction. Amazing aircraft

kevin healy Instrument and commercial


Bartley walker private pilot and advanced aircraft training

When it finally came time to fulfill my lifelong dream of learning to fly, it was important for me to find a training program that was as passionate as I was about the endeavor. From the moment I met Erick Teeters and the rest of the North Aero staff, I knew I had found my home in the general aviation community. North Aero has supported my growth as a safe and proficient aviator and future aircraft owner. Erick is all that you could ask for in a mentor. He teaches folks like me how to fly simply because he loves sharing the magic of it. He advises owners on aircraft managment because he has seen the gap that can grow between flying and operating. His training aircraft and equipment are the most well-maintained that I have seen because he wants to set the standard for his students. Folks like me who want to explore the general aviation world are luck that places like North Aero exist!

david peartree private pilot and retired boat owner

At North Aero I had an amazing experience with my flight training. I was motivated and encouraged when things got tough, and always had a great time flying. I would highly recommend Erick and North Aero to anyone looking to achieve their dream of becoming a real pilot.

michael bengard private pilot and tailwheel

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