North Aero Welcomes New Instructor

Although he may look young enough to be Erick’s son (believe it, he could be), North Aero’s new instructor, Brandon Grachek, brings with him a resume of nearly 800 hours of flight time and experience. Boasting an array of ratings, from commercial pilot ASEL and AMEL to his CFI, CFII, MEI, and MEII, Brandon has logged time in everything from a Piper Cub to a Beechcraft Baron.

Brandon Grachek photo

While pursuing his ultimate goal of getting his 1,000 flight hours and joining the airlines, Brandon spent the last few years instructing at a Part 141 flight school in Bakersfield, CA. While he enjoyed his time there, he is excited to be back in the world of Part 61 with North Aero, and to be able to spend more time adapting to each student’s individual personality and learning style. Over the next few months Brandon will be flying and instructing with us in the Piper Warrior N41459 as well as the Luscombe N1302B.

Brandon Grachek

When he’s not teaching or flying P210s for corporate ag farmers, Brandon can be found cruising the California coastline in his 1947 J3 cub, or just a little further off the coast pursuing his ocean scuba diving certification.


Sophia is a licensed mechanic as well as private and instrument rated pilot, currently turning wrenches and writing blog posts to make ends meet until she logs enough hours in the left seat to start making the big bucks as a corporate pilot. Her hobbies include flying and working on airplanes, and at any hour of any day she is most likely to be found in the North Aero hangar or somewhere else around the Salinas Airport.

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