Checkride Passed! Congratulations, Chad Peabody!

Congratulations to newly minted private pilot Chad Peabody, who passed his private pilot checkride with DPE Eric Cook on November 30th!

After flying with us for only a few months, while simultaneously balancing an extremely busy schedule, this nurse, father, and hobbyist wingsuit jumper made his checkride look simple, and left the examiner with little to say other than "very thorough." Chad's dedication has paid off, and immediately after receiving his certificate he got to show off his newest talent to his son Wesley!

Ever thorough, after their flight Chad and his son completed a post flight flight walk around of the aircraft, and noticed that the nose wheel seemed to be losing pressure. Unfortunately, the tube of the tire had shifted and been pinched, resulting in the tire going flat. Luckily, the warrior was scheduled to begin its 100hr inspection that very night and is now recovering well under professional care.


Sophia is a licensed mechanic as well as private and instrument rated pilot, currently turning wrenches and writing blog posts to make ends meet until she logs enough hours in the left seat to start making the big bucks as a corporate pilot. Her hobbies include flying and working on airplanes, and at any hour of any day she is most likely to be found in the North Aero hangar or somewhere else around the Salinas Airport.

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