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21st Century Flight Training

What it's all about:

Flying can stop being a dream. It can become a reality.
Ivan did it and you can too.  

Private Pilot Curriculum

The Problem:

You've been to flight schools, you've met instructors, maybe you've even flown some hours in the hopes of learning to fly. But you don't feel confident and are no further towards reaching your goal than when you started out. The airplanes you fly don't inspire confidence. The instructors ask you what you want to do, instead of directing the lesson. If this sounds familiar you're not alone, many people are confronted by a disorganized structure when they seek out flight training. 

Knowing where to start and who to trust to fly with can be difficult. Flight training as an industry is extremely diverse. Instructors and flight schools often operate with no set curriculum. While this allows for a diverse field of experience, it doesn't get a student where they need to be, up in the air. 

The Solution:

At North Aero we operate off of a set curriculum and mindset. As Flight Instructors we continuously meet and discuss our curriculum to ensure it provides the best training for our students. We do some things the old fashioned way. We do some things a very unique way. But in all training activities we strive to provide the best experience. 

Our training material is tailored to maximize the information conveyed, at the right time in your flight training. This minimizes your time spent overall learning to fly.  It also minimizes wasted costs.

Here are a few key things we do differently:

  • We have you conduct a safety briefing before every flight. This includes:
    • The complete PAVE checklist
    • Aircraft airworthiness review
    • Weight and balance
    • Performance data
    • Weather briefing
    • You do the above on every single flight so check ride time you know it like the back of your hand. 
  • You will know exactly what's expected of you each lesson, and each lesson thereafter.
  • Each lesson is designed to challenge you, not to a plateau of frustration, but to an end of achievement. 
  • You will talk on the radios the first lesson, and from there on with minimal instructor intervention.
  • We prepare you for aircraft ownership/management by teaching you more in depth about aircraft systems, maintenance, and care. 
  • We provide all the materials you need to succeed. 
  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • Ground Lesson 1
  •  Flight Lesson 1
  • Ground Lesson 2
  • Flight Lesson 2
  • Ground Lesson 3
  • Flight Lesson 3
  • Ground Lesson 4
  • Flight Lesson 4
  • Ground Lesson 5
  • Flight Lesson 5
  • Ground Lesson 6
  • Flight Lesson 6
  • Ground Lesson 7
  • Flight Lesson 7
  • Flight Lesson 8
Private Pilot
Phase 1 
  • 0 to Solo in 8 Lessons
  • Unlimited Coffee

The fastest way to get soloed safely.


About North Aero:

North Aero was created to change the way we make pilots for the better.

We started North Aero to provide a new and better way of teaching the old school flying skills that have consistently made great pilots. Flight training is an adventure and we treat it as such. If a lesson is joyless why are we doing it? But make no mistake you will be challenged, more so than what the FAA requires. By the end of our curriculum you'll be ready to fly, ready to travel, and ready to safely take your friends or family aloft. We specialize in preparing new pilots 

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How to Find us:

website: flynorthaero.com or flightcircle.com

Location: Salinas, CA (KSNS)

Email: erickcfi@gmail.com

Phone: (831) 809-5375

Our Aircraft


My grandfather completed the first inspection on Warrior N41459 when it was purchased from the factory. Years later my family purchased the airplane. I grew up working in the hanger where it was for almost a decade. Until it was sold.

It was always around the Salinas area. A friend of mine purchased it, and I told him if he ever sold it I would buy it. 

For years friends were bugging me to teach them to fly, so I bought my second airplane. Now N41459 is now part of my family for good. 

And as part of the family, we treat it so. We take care of it because it not only takes my kids in the air, it takes many other friends and loved ones.  

When you fly it, you'll learn why the Warrior is great at making pilots. And this Warrior is the best. 

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